(IN)SECURE Magazine Sayı 17 Çıktı

Online ücretsiz bilişim güvenliği dergisi (IN)SECURE‘un 17. sayısı çıktı.

Yeni sayıya buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.

Konu başlıkları şu şekilde:

  • Open redirect vulnerabilities: definition and prevention
  • The future of security is information-centric
  • Securing the enterprise data flow against advanced attacks
  • Bypassing and enhancing live behavioral protection
  • Security flaws identification and technical risk analysis through threat modeling
  • Migration from e-mail to web borne threats
  • Security training and awareness: strengthening your weakest link
  • Assessing risk in VoIP/UC networks
  • Building a secure wireless network for under $300
  • Reverse engineering software armoring
  • Point security solutions are not a 4 letter word
  • Corporate due diligence in India: an ICT perspective
  • Hacking Second Life

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